Bad Blood

  Being the strange case of the Shooting Incident of Michael Brown Jnr. (May 20, 1996 – August 9, 2014), by Officer Darren Dean Wilson (b. May 14, 1986),on Canfield Drive Ferguson Missouri, 12.02pm Aug. 9 2014. Just before 12pm on the 9th of August, a security camera caught Michael Brown (6 feet 4 inches … Continue reading Bad Blood


Calvary (2014) Written and Directed by John Michael McDonagh “Killing a Priest on a Sunday, that would be a good one.” A Catholic Priest, especially on a Sunday, while he celebrates Mass, acts In Persona Christi  (in the person of Christ) transforming the bread and wine in to the body and blood of Christ, re … Continue reading Crucifixion?

Publishing and not Being Damned

Getting work published and reducing the Tears Involved Archive Image of Thompson Reuters Publishing – see The purpose of writing is to be read. No amount of false humility will ever sufficiently delude a writer into thinking she is destined to a kind of solipsistic world of simply writing for themselves. Writing is communication. … Continue reading Publishing and not Being Damned