Santa Claus and Fly Agaric

Image derived from: high as a kite...we think... The Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric is not a fungi you would want to eat, at least not unless you are a reindeer or a deer. Around these parts we call them muchomor czerwony, which means red fly agaric, the word 'mucha' (pronounced moook) means 'fly', … Continue reading Santa Claus and Fly Agaric


No one ever wants anyone to catch Covid 19. Ever. But when the most powerful person on the planet catches the disease, having minimized the danger of this global pandemic, mishandled the administration of preventative measures, and put an entire population at risk; well, it has the effect of adding a certain measure of irony … Continue reading Breather

Remembering Sarah Sunflower Lundberg

I just came across this blog. Its excellent.

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The inimitable Sarah Lundberg The inimitable Sarah Lundberg

I first met Sarah Lundberg in Bowes Pub in Fleet Street in Dublin where her ‘Seven Towers’ company had been in Open Mic session for some weeks. There would be many changes of venue  in subsequent years but her monthly ‘Last Wednesday’ would always be a fixture, presided over by Sarah and skillfully MC’d by Declan McLoughlin. It was here that many younger, and not a few of us older, poets and writers got a chance to float some new pieces and see how they sounded. And everyone was assured of a fair hearing. No heckling (although occasional shouts of praise were permitted!) and no going on and on and on, taking up more that the 7-10 minutes, a practice that afflicts so many of our city’s open mics. There was law and order and plenty of socialising, an aspect of the open mic that was never neglected by Sarah. She well understood that a writer’s…

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Poet in Profile–Unabridged Interview with Oran Ryan by Ruairi Conneely

I've been tasked at times at NewsFour with writing about poetry and the Dublin Literary scene, insofar as I'm in frequent contact with it. However, the circumstances that lead me to interview Oran were simple and typical for a journalist: the assignment was dropped on me with only a day or two to research and … Continue reading Poet in Profile–Unabridged Interview with Oran Ryan by Ruairi Conneely