We’ve Got a File On You

Aside from the demise of the careers of so many famous people, and not simply famous, but extremely talented people who might have contributed widely and deeply to our lives and culture, Social Media has been a disaster for truth and fact-checking. Once truth is thrown out you have anarchy. Now its more important to be popular and cool than boringly correct. Well known, rather talented people have torpedoed their careers through making some dumb emotionally driven, ill conceived rant or comment on SM, which is sad because the internet, as they say, is forever, and if you apologize and say you screwed up, well, that just makes you look weak and the trolls smell blood and go in for the kill. Rather unfair. but its good for business.

Santa Claus and Fly Agaric

Image derived from: http://www.photographers-resource.co.uk/images/Diary/Wildlife/Oct_wildlife/fly_agaric.jpg high as a kite...we think... The Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric is not a fungi you would want to eat, at least not unless you are a reindeer or a deer. Around these parts we call them muchomor czerwony, which means red fly agaric, the word 'mucha' (pronounced moook) means 'fly', … Continue reading Santa Claus and Fly Agaric


No one ever wants anyone to catch Covid 19. Ever. But when the most powerful person on the planet catches the disease, having minimized the danger of this global pandemic, mishandled the administration of preventative measures, and put an entire population at risk; well, it has the effect of adding a certain measure of irony … Continue reading Breather