Reading Kafka

To Read Franz Kafka (1883-1924) To read Kafka is to be immersed in a world of psychologic rather than in a world of logic, reasonableness and cause and effect. The word Kafkaesque, which has become common parlance, depicts humanity in an alternate reality in which a person is gripped by a labyrinth of repressive, incomprehensible … Continue reading Reading Kafka

And the geeks shall inherit the earth….

Very often States large and small deploy Arts funding systems to help Artists develop their work, and sometimes, with the best of intentions, it doesn't work out as intended. This essay explores an imaginary country's attempts, and the increasingly serious problems associated with allowing artistic freedom full expression within a state controlled arts funding system. What if the artists begin to critique the state? What are the limits of artistic freedom? Will a system of state approved artists then exist, as well as those on the outside who dissent? How far should a state go to control its artists?

More Notes on Story

In terms of navigating and understanding the world we live in, few things are more important than the idea of story. Through the mechanism of story we piece together what we perceive as reality in terms of cause and effect. We are therefore part of a bigger story. Story telling thus can give a supremely … Continue reading More Notes on Story

Music and Me

For the longest time music has had the profoundest effect on me. Though quasi orgasmic in its effect some respects, I would more liken the effect of music on me to be more like a trip. It was only after I actually began to use drugs as an adult that I very quickly realized that … Continue reading Music and Me

History and Fiction, or Whatever You’re Having Yourself…

In the country I live in right now, Poland, I see the suppression of intellectuals, especially historians, and thinkers and writers, primarily through the use of the courts. A Warsaw court on Tuesday (January 2021) forced some historians to apologize to the niece of a World War II-era Polish mayor whom they reported in their … Continue reading History and Fiction, or Whatever You’re Having Yourself…

Things I never Knew about the Poet William Blake – that is, Until Recently.

One of the most important poets in the English language, or indeed any language, was born November 28, 1757 in London, England. He remained largely unknown during his lifetime. Though he had an established reputation as an engraver of considerable gifts, his reputation as a poet, something that he achieved world historical repute for in … Continue reading Things I never Knew about the Poet William Blake – that is, Until Recently.

Santa Claus and Fly Agaric

Image derived from: high as a kite...we think... The Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric is not a fungi you would want to eat, at least not unless you are a reindeer or a deer. Around these parts we call them muchomor czerwony, which means red fly agaric, the word 'mucha' (pronounced moook) means 'fly', … Continue reading Santa Claus and Fly Agaric