Rock and Roll Club at Limerick Library

Its hard to describe how excited I was to be asked by Mike Maguire, executive librarian of Limerick City library to talk about my favourite rock and roll music, something I am incredibly passionate about. I keep thinking of what tunes to pick and what tunes to exclude, how I will talk about it and what might be wise to exclude. I love most types of music, so if I were to really give a cross section of my sometimes eclectic tastes, I would be too long at it and I hate the thought of boring others. So I am going to stop at about 40 minutes or so. This means theres plenty of tunes to make the time pass quickly, but not too many tunes. I attach the poster here and theres an open invitation on it if you feel like doing it yourself. Go for it!

Oran Ryan Presenting the Rock Record CLub, Limerick City library 15/11/2019 at 1 pm