Dont Believe The Hype

You and I are being lied to. There is no war on terror. There is a war. But it is not a war against terrorists or terror. Its a war for territory. For land. And Oil. For power. People with power want more power, and they will do what is necessary to pursue their goals. There have been terrible attacks. Paris. London. Madrid. New York. But you don’t hear about the terrible attacks on the other side of our planet. Its a difficult thing to admit, but if you keep bombing people from miles above using robot planes, or invading them, there are going to be terrible events. If you keep giving them weapons while calling them terrorists, then there are going to be attacks. It is as inevitable as sunrise. And when there are terrible, horrible unconscionable attacks against civilians, there is then the justification needed to spend billions escalating that war for territory and oil, more robots killing from miles above, more unlimited surveillance, more masked military patrolling the streets with weapons, more restrictions on movement. So don’t believe the hype. Lets survive. Just keep calm and carry on. These people will eventually be voted out of power. Lets hope the new bosses aren’t as bad as the old bosses.