Sewage on the Avoca

Avoca River - waste pouring directly into the river sewage2Iza and I recently (in the last few days actually) moved to Arklow Town. We found an absolutely fantastic place just off the main road in Arklow. Every day (sometimes more than twice a day) we walk our dog down by the river walk.When we pass down by this really beautiful public path with our hyperactive puppy who is busy greeting and demanding cuddles from everyone (whether or not they want to give them), we are more often than not also greeted with a truly appalling smell. And its from this. What you see right there on the photos taken by my wonky ‘lucky bag’ phone. That oddly coloured stuff is raw sewage running untreated into the Avoca river. Obviously this waste product that comes from all the homes and business roundabout is having a pretty serious impact on the environment, the ecosystem, and all the ducks and geese and fish swimming in the raw sewage. Its a terrible shame. I truly wish that the purification system planned for so long would go ahead. Just walking by all this beauty and seeing this noxious poison pouring into the river is a troubling thing. You wouldn’t believe the smell.