Eadaoin Ryan Manley 1972-2023

Eadaoin, my sister, was an artist, a writer, and a parent. She died peacefully from cancer in Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross Dublin last Thursday 2nd Feb 2023 at 10 PM. Eadaoin will be sadly missed. Requesiat In Pace.

Here’s a poem by my sister, one she requested be published.

Whisper Sticks 

Whisper Sticks asked you to call 

They know everything, secrets all, 

Never wonder who broke them twigs 

They’ll grow into something wonder fall 

Then, one day,

just for the play, your dog 

From The usual path he’ll stray 

You’ll find him in saying in his best whisper sticks way 

the legendary call of “Lets play” 

Those little trees will one day be 

Underneath sweet little feet 

And whispers will be told there 

and they are making more 

Sweet whispering Magic 

Magic for the Whisper sticks.

Written by Éadaoin Ryan.

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